Tired of the log? Choose an Italian panettone

In the Marais district of Paris, there is the temple of Italian gastronomy: Eataly. Pastas, cheeses, fruits and vegetables… All these products come from the peninsula. But that’s not all, for the Christmas holidays the aisles in the store are filled with delicious panettones and pandoro. Typical Italian brioches, eaten as dessert when we in France prefer to enjoy a good frozen log.

Patience, the key to fun

Eataly Paris Marais offers no less than thirty varieties of dessert: classic, pistachio, chocolate… Toni Muzzi, the chef of the place, invited us to make a classic panettone.

“This recipe is close to my heart for the Christmas holidays. In Italy, this sourdough brioche decorated with candied fruit is eaten from November to February, but especially at the end of the year. It is a noble product that requires many manufacturing steps. To make a good panettone, you need “flour, sugar and salt, vanilla, eggs and candied fruits,” confides the chef, adding “the quality of the ingredients is very important. But more than the raw material, to make this brioche must you above all be very very patient. Just for the dough to rise… At least two days are needed. The Italians no longer compete with France in soccer… but in desserts they can keep up.

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