To be healthy, science now advocates the 3-30-300 rule

News JVTech To be healthy, science now advocates the 3-30-300 rule

Science has always been interested in human well-being. But for decades, if not centuries, the mental health of the general public has been pushed aside. In 2022, when we all know someone who is burned out or on anti-depressants, it will be urgent to apply some tips to feel better on a daily basis. The 3-30-300 rule, derived from scientific research, is one such tip.

Green is one of the pillars of our mental health, and science says so

When you see this title, everyone has the same question “what could this series of numbers mean?”. We’ll get to that shortly, but before we get to the heart of the matter, we need to contextualize it first. To do this you need to understand one thing: green is good.

Today, almost everyone is aware influence of light and sun on mood. It’s not for nothing that we talk about “seasonal depression” every winter. On the other hand, the general public is less familiar with the idea of ​​seeing nature is very materially good for your brain.

There are tons of studies on the subject and a real one scientific consensus emerged: living in a calm and green environment has a significant beneficial effect on people’s state of health. The city is a concrete cage, and the total artificialization of our living space destroys our morals. It is factual.

For your health, here’s the 3-30-300 rule!

ONE very recent study has just been published by the Institute for Global Health in Barcelona, ​​​​​​and it is in line with what we are saying. The researchers investigated using a representative panel of 3145 Spaniards, their results are therefore particularly strong. It should be noted that the various variables such as people’s standard of living have of course been taken into account.

In Barcelona, ​​​​​​a metropolis where green is very rare, only 4.7% of the study population meets the 3-30-300 rule. This small part of the population is significantly happier than all the others: on average, these people go to the psychiatrist much less often, take significantly fewer antidepressants and generally feel better about their lives.

But what is this famous rule of 3-30-300? Behind this easy-to-remember name hides a very concrete reality. To get better, you should:

  • Anyway, look 3 trees from your window;
  • Live in a neighborhood where 30% of the site is wooded (at least) ;
  • Live less than 300 meters from a foresta forest or at least a park.

If you meet these 3 conditions you will feel better, it’s science. Thus, green cities would not just be a fantasy of eco-bobos: it is a public health issues. More nature in our metropolises can reduce social security costs and even increase productivity at work!

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