To put an end to waste, this Belgian company invented a reusable pizza box

While from January 1 fast food is no longer allowed to distribute its menus in disposable packaging to consumers on the spot, a Belgian entrepreneur has found a solution to reduce the waste of another stronghold of take-away food: pizza.

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Every year, 30 billion pizzas are eaten around the world. The French and the French are the champions ahead of their Italian neighbors who invented the recipe. The former consumes ten kilos, while the latter half less. Ordered and then pulled back for take-out or delivery, the cardboard box is used only to transport a four cheese or margherita, then to cut it open. And that’s all! The packaging ends up in the bin very quickly. The ecological disaster is easy to imagine when you understand the enthusiasm of consumers for this type of friendly meals…

A polypropylene box

Faced with this observation, a young Belgian entrepreneur decided to reduce this gigantic waste by designing a reusable box. He chose polypropylene for manufacturing, a material that can be used several times before being recycled. If it is another type of plastic, this material does not emit any toxic substances when burned. It is already used in the food industry because polypropylene has a high resistance to heat and is suitable for use in the microwave oven.

The invention is called Bwat and consists of a tray with grooves to prevent the pizza dough from becoming soft. A lid, provided with gaps, guarantees the maintenance with the heat of the regina. According to the brand, the item is even more efficient than a cardboard box: after ten minutes inside, the pizza is 10°C warmer. Practical, Bwat folds and goes in the dishwasher. Count 25 euros per reusable box, sold in an online store.

(ETX Daily Up)

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