Toni Collette: Her attractive husband grilled in full adultery, she asks for a divorce!

Moviegoers are more used to talking about her for her crazy talent than anything else. But if it’s hitting the headlines today, it’s because Toni Collette has just announced that she’s filing for divorce. In 2022, the brilliant actress, the star of the film Heredity, Muriel Where Little Miss Sunshine had crossed paths with drummer Dave Galafassi during the launch of his group Metal Detector’s first album. They had two children together – a daughter, Sage Florence, born in 2008, and a son, Arlo Robert, born in 2011 – had made some music together by founding Toni Collette & The Finish, but life ended up tearing this little family apart ad. .

We are united in this decision

The life of Dave Galafassi … or the much talked about little mistakes. We actually saw the artist, quite recently, in very compromising photos released by Daily mail, whereupon he slowly kissed another woman, Shannon Egan, a chiropractor by profession, comfortably installed on the sand of a Sydney beach. However, Toni Collette did not want to make it a big public scandal. She confirmed her desire to divorce on her Instagram account in a press release written with her husband. The accompanying image shows the dead: “Peace love“.

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