TPMP: Hugo Manos angry because of this tourist attraction!

On his Instagram account, Hugo Manos, columnist for TPMP, expressed his anger during a stay with Laurent Ruquier.

He wanted to have a good time, but it seems to have failed… In fact, Hugo Manos, the columnist for TPMP, and Laurent Ruquier, are currently in the US to have a good time. However, their stay turned into a mess. Like when they were in London. And it did not fail to annoy the first.

A fusion couple

If they took the time to assume their love story, the two no longer let go. Take effect, it is not uncommon to see complicit clichés of the two main characters when they can. More in love than ever before, they keep proving it whenever they can.

The TPMP columnist wanted to take time. Laurent Ruquier must prepare for the media coverage of his pair before assuming it. But since the step was taken, only happiness reigns between them.

Moreover, Hugo Manos explained himself on this subject not long ago. Making it known why overnight he had stopped revealing his lover too much. “I haven’t shown much already. But I think in order to keep your couple… you have to be a little more aligned with the way you manage communication through media or social networks.”.

He lets it be known before adding:“And me in this case, maybe at the beginning of my exhibition at the beginning of the year… I might not have taken the temperature of what I could post. Maybe I did it a little innocently and without really thinking.

But while it took some time, that didn’t stop the TPMP columnist from receiving criticism. And when it’s not about his couple, it’s for a selfie taken in Qatar that he finds himself targeted. Country where the last World Cup took place.

Hugo Manos from TPMP and Laurent Ruquier, who fights in the USA

Faced with the many criticisms received, the beautiful took the floor to clarify the situation. And above all put an end to the dispute. “To conclude, and then, I will talk more about it”. Did he let it be known first before adding:

“To all tutors, put your feet up those who have made a ****** of gold for the WC to take place here. I’ll spare you the names, you may have voted for them or had them posted in your rooms in 94 and 98″. But a few hours ago, the TPMP columnist went on a new rant.

As mentioned here, the couple was at Universal Studios. A trip that doesn’t seem to have pleased him, as evidenced by his anger in the Instagram story. On the verge of leaving, there are so many people. Unacceptable”. He complained at first.

Before continuing: “So on this side of the barrier, there are those who will wait three hours for a slice of pizza, and there, if you have the patience, you’ll be able to go to an attraction… But hey, you really have to be very patient. Not recommended.

But what the TPMP columnist regrets are the exorbitant prices for his visit to the park… “270 euros per inhabitant for more than one hour in Fastpass. And a minimum of 2 hours in line to eat even the worst sandwich of my life. You can call it stealing”. You will therefore have understood that he should not be going back there any time soon.

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