TPMP: Raymond Aabou “When I see this I am ashamed to be Moroccan”

After a victory for the Moroccan national team during the World Cup in Qatar, clashes between Moroccan and Belgian supporters provoked a strong reaction from Raymond Aabou.

Of Moroccan origin, the columnist for Touche pas à mon poste reacted strongly to the images of destruction and clashes that erupted after Morocco’s victory in its first match of this World Cup in Qatar. Without mincing his words, Raymond Aabou gave his feelings about such behavior.

“Go and have fun in Morocco to win a Moroccan flag!”

Impossible for Raymond Aabou to remain unmoved while seeing the images of destruction, of the defacing of Belgian flags, originating from people carrying the Moroccan flag on their backs. Cyril Hanouna took the precaution of remembering that he had seen Moroccan supporters on the Champs-Elysées and that “They were happy, it made me happy to see them like that, they sang, they danced, they were crazy. Afterwards, like everywhere, there are always idiots. We can never prevent that.” This all the more as Gilles Verdez reminded him “In Belgium, eleven arrests a police custody, summing up the fight between Morocco and Belgium to what it is, it is shameful. And I remind you that there are scenes of looting with masked and hooded people. I read the press release of the Belgian police that declared ‘ we have been victims of excesses from both sides. They are not only targeting Moroccans.”

Still, after a sequence in which a Belgian flag is taken down by a suspected Moroccan supporter, Raymond Aabou could not contain his anger. “So it hurts me and you can make all the excuses in the worldthey were ten, eleven or thirteen, while we wait we see a Moroccan supporter with the Moroccan flag on his back break a red light, I don’t see the pointsaid the columnist bitterly. We see a Moroccan supporter with the flag on his back climbing up to take down the Belgian flag and Moroccans applauding him below, I don’t see the point. Once again, have fun landing a Moroccan flag in Morocco, we’ll take you by the feet and spin you around!” he claimed.

“In Morocco there is a justice that does not laugh!”

trace back, Raymond Aabou he continued, having returned from Morocco barely a fortnight earlier. “There, the bikes are not attached to the street, he pointed out I asked them ‘why are your bikes not tied down’, people answered me ‘we are not going to steal the bikes’, for over there there is what is called a justice that does not laugh, there is the law which does not laugh. There we have the impression that the law, who cares, that we can go up on a balcony like that to win a Belgian flag. It hurts me a lot. And you know why it hurts me. Because I am of Moroccan origin and when I see it, I am ashamed to see people who have the Moroccan flag on their backs breaking like that, I am ashamed.’ The message is clear!

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