Tutti Pizza is rebuilding its pizza machines

The number 1 takeaway and delivery pizza brand, Tutti Pizza, has just given a facelift to one of its most striking innovations: Tutti Matic, these pizza machines from the pizzeria franchise, have just adopted a new visual identity, in line with the new strategy.


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17 Tutti Matic in France

Posted since 2014, The Tutti Matic concept in the Tutti Pizza franchise is resolutely innovative, by offering authentic pizzas, freshly made by the pizza makers at a Tutti Pizza pizzeria and then prepared according to the needs of the consumers. And this, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In 8 years, the brand has thus opened 17 Tutti Matic, mainly in the Toulouse region and the Nantes region.

“Tutti Matic is now gaining momentum and should have a real identity”

This new visual identity designed by the leader of the network for its pizza machines is part of the brand’s new strategy, which wants to develop this concept throughout France to meet consumer needs with a unique offer.

“Faced with the market’s demand and expectations, Tutti Matic is now gaining momentum and should have a real identity. This new visual overhaul has quickly become apparent and responds directly to the brand’s dynamism. Be careful… hot up front! ยป emphasizes Laurent Degot, the network director.

So if you want open a pizzeria with a pizza machine and with an innovative brand that shows solid development ambitions, visit the Tutti Pizza franchise file to find out more.

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