Tutti Pizza official supplier of TFC

For 2022-2023 Ligue 1 Football Season Uber Eatsthat Tutti Pizza network is committed to Toulouse Football Club (TFC), which this season is playing at the highest national level.


30 years of experience

An optional partnership!

Now the logo for leader in the sale of take-away and delivery pizzas in the great west, will be shown, for the duration of the match, at the edge of the stadium.

Focus on an original partnership

By taking advantage of the ratings generated by Ligue 1 Uber Eats matches, Tutti Pizza franchise network joins the famous Toulouse football club TFC to increase its visibility by relying on multiple means of communication.

To celebrate the event, the franchise intends to develop a ” special TeFéCé pizza » which all customers (and supporters) will be able to discover in all its sales points.

At the same time, it will organize itself competitions on social networks and will be present at the stadium to animate the frontcourt for a few matches:

“TéFéCé is proud to be able to count on the support of Tutti Pizza this season 2022/2023. This first commitment of sponsorship with a Ligue 1 club Uber Eats, will allow Tutti Pizza to continue its development with a relay via its franchise network. This partnership represents a great opportunity to participate in the development of a regional business and strengthen our commitment to our loyal community”, explains Olivier Jaubertdaily manager of the football club.

Broadcast as a franchise since 2001 Tutti Pizza network works daily for its 75 locations and 15 Tutti Matic. Family-friendly and on a human scale, it offers many benefits for anyone new entrepreneur who wants to enter the restaurant industry.

For Sébastien and Julien Bori, managers of Tutti Pizza, who were passionate about football from an early age, it was obvious to connect TFC with Tutti Pizza. This association will further increase the awareness of the network established in the southwest for more than 30 years.

For 2024, the Tutti Pizza franchise aims to cross milestone of 100 franchise pizzerias ! If you want to support him in his development plan, go to his presentation sheet

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