WC: beer, pizza, chips… A snack before a match will cost you more than during the EC

The WC starts on Sunday. And for those preparing to follow it as Didier Deschamps’ Blues return to action this Tuesday (8pm) against Australia (Group D), the addition is likely to be salty. Much more than during the last international football competition, Euro 2020, which took place in June and July 2021. This Qatar World Cup, organized at the end of autumn, is more suitable for evenings with friends in the house only for outings in bars or in front of giant screens – the cities, which have not planned anything on this subject at the moment, oblige energy sobriety. According to a recent NielsenIQ survey, 93% of spectators intend to watch matches at home.

And who says football night, says chips, beer, soda, pizza. But in a year when inflation reached 6.2% in October, the price of these products rose sharply, according to a study by Tiendeo, a platform specializing in digital deals and catalogs, which analyzed the price changes of key items for football fans in front of their TVs.

+ 7% for Coca-Cola since the euro

In the drinks department, the price of beer rose by 4.5% in a year, while the price of Coca-Cola rose by 6.6%. If we compare with European football, the increase is even stronger: + 5.8% for beer and + 7% for Cola.

To accompany these drinks, chips and pizzas are often de rigueur. And there, too, prices have exploded. It is + 15.7% for the package of chips in one year, and even 21% compared to June 2021. “The war in Ukraine led to an increase in the price of oil, which had a direct impact on this product, typical of football nights “, points out Tiendeo.As for frozen pizzas, it will also cost 11.1% more on average than during the previous EC (+8% in one year).

“Faced with this economic climate of recession, consumers, who are more and more price sensitive, are looking for the best promotions,” analyzes Henri-Noël Bouvet, head of the French market at ShopFully, the company that owns Tiendeo. Even supporting the Blues is not about emptying the wallet.

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