“We are sorry”: Jacques Legros must apologize during “13 hours” of TF1

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The presenter of TF1’s “13 hours”, Jacques Legros, apologized to the channel on Monday. This is a sequence that was broadcast on Sunday during the midday news broadcast about the snow storm that is currently hitting the United States.

“We apologize for this.” The presenter of the TV news of TF1, Jacques Legros, was asked to apologize to the channel’s viewers. On the occasion of the “13 hours” this Monday, December 26, he returned to a sequence that had been broadcast in a report broadcast the day before.

A video sequence that aired during “13 hours” this Sunday, December 25, really posed a problem. The TF1 channel wanted to illustrate its report on the snowstorm currently hitting the United States with a picture broadcast on social networks. Among other things, we see an American trying to open the door of his car, completely covered in ice. Except this sequence… is from January 2022, and is definitely not going to illustrate the blizzard currently hitting the US.

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Jacques Legros, who replaces Marie-Sophie Lacarrau during these holidays, returned to this mistake: “You know how much, at TF1, we want to bring you reliable information, the presenter took over. Yesterday, by mistake, we broadcast a image of a man opening the door of his car completely covered in ice, which by the way breaks. This image is dated January 2022. We obviously regret this and ask that you accept our apologies.”

So far, the fierce winter storm that has battered the United States for several days has killed at least 49 people in the country, including 27 in a single county in New York state, and this “blizzard of the century” is far from over, authorities warned on Monday.

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