We have tested the Oise pasta pizzas for you and here is our opinion

BLS Pizza Bolognese in Breuil-le-Sec (Oise). (©Actu Oise)

It is between two interviewsNews Oise stopped in the middle of the department to chop a few slices of pizza. What was our surprise when we discovered a “Pizza Pasta” section on the menu offered by the pizzeria BLS in Breuil-le-Secnear Clermont.

Four special pizzas are displayed between 13.50 and 16 euros. Their peculiarities, they are made of pasta.

Chloe and Roman, two editorial journalists lent themselves to the game to taste the pizzeria’s four Italian specialties. We asked Alois and Jessica Ganay, the establishment’s pizza chefs, to divide the size of the pizzas by two, suspecting that they would be well decorated…

Bolognese pizza

According to the menu, the Bolognese pizza can be accompanied by extra parmesan.
According to the menu, the Bolognese pizza can be accompanied by extra parmesan. (©Actu Oise)

At a price of 14 euros, the Pizza Bolognese is a make it or break it bet for BLS. A risky challenge to take over one of them receipts the most famous in the world.

This recipe speaks to everyone, it attracts customers.

Alois Ganaypizza maker

The danger is finding some hard dough in the event of a new passage in the oven if your pizza is lukewarm.

  • Its composition: grated mozzarella, minced beef, red onion, morning cherry tomatoes, tagliatelle.
  • Chloe’s opinion : The ingredients are excellent, but I don’t find any added value with the pasta…
  • Roman’s review : it is the one that has had the most enthusiasm in the authorship, but it is the one that has been the least surprising in terms of taste. The aesthetics are fantastic, the recipe will not be revisited.

carbonara pizza

BLS Pizza carbonara.
BLS Pizza carbonara. (©Actu Oise)

In April 2022, the meal delivery platform became Hi Fresh asked 1,500 people about their pasta preferences. The sauce carbonara came in second place, neck and neck with bolognese sauce (above). Impossible for the pizzeria to ignore this pizza.

A pizza, almost a signature for BLS, since it was the first to come out of the oven when the establishment opened in 2017. “I worked in the south of France, where we offered atypical pizzas, including one called carbonara with tagliatelle. I naturally picked it up as soon as I arrived in Oise,” explains Alois Ganay, BLS pizza maker.

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  • Composition: grated mozzarella, pieces of bacon, tagliatelle, parmesan shavings (pesto supplement).
  • Chloe’s opinion : adding pesto is a pleasure. I strongly recommend taking this supplement (charged). The set is very consistent in terms of taste. In addition, pasta is not essential.
  • Roman’s review : it is the least aesthetic pizza among the four, but you can easily find the ingredients in the recipe. In terms of taste, it is the best of the four. The pesto addition changes everything. Nothing to do with memories of family meals around pasta carbonara. But it’s a success!

Marco Polo Pizza

BLS's Marco Polo Pizza.
BLS’s Marco Polo Pizza. (©Actu Oise)

It is the only pizza with fish. Note to lovers of salmon paste ! This composition highlights the acidity of lemon and cherry tomatoes. Surprising!

A recipe that fascinates many customers, but: “those who dare to take the plunge come back and take almost only this one. »

  • Composition: grated mozzarella, organic salmon, marinated cherry tomatoes, tagliatelle, lemon slices, parmesan.
  • Chloe’s opinion : fan of pasta and pizza with salmon, I was quite skeptical about the mix. It’s a really good surprise! Tomatoes and lemon are too much for me. The cheese is delicious.
  • Roman’s review : it is the most atypical of the four. Beware of very acidic lemon, which can completely destroy the taste, which must be consumed in small pieces. Good pizza that highlights the organic salmon thanks to the other ingredients.

Barça pizza

The Barca pizza from BLS.
The Barca pizza from BLS. (©Actu Oise)

Did you say the name of this pizza like that Spanish football team “Barca”? If so, you have been appointed as one of our journalists. It is well pronounced “Barka”.

It is the one that stands out from the rest. You must have had doubts about the presence of pasta among the ingredients of the pizza, so have we. Unlike tagliatelle, these are basil ravioli and Comté, which hides under the ingredients.

This pizza should not be on the menu, but enthusiasm of customers encouraged pizzaiolos to participate. “It was offered as a pizza at the moment and it worked well,” explains Alois Ganay. The faithful of this pizzeria found it permanent in 2018 after one examination posted on social network.

  • Composition: grated mozzarella, ravioli, Picard ham, parmesan shavings and fresh parsley.
  • Chloe’s opinion : here is a very surprising mixture. The taste of pasta is very pronounced in this pizza. The taste of pizza dough and pasta (ravioli) mixes in the mouth. It is surprising.
  • Roman’s review : this is the most mysterious pizza. That ravioli hidden from the naked eye, come to the fore in the mouth. What is most surprising is the aftertaste that remains in the mouth after tasting a slice. Must try one real experience.

A nice surprise for the editors. We weren’t happy at first, but tasting these four pizzas reminds us traditional recipes consumed in large quantities by the French. To test if your stomach is up to it!

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