We make you discover the kitchen of mother from the restaurant La Trattoria de Narbonne

Ah the sweet taste of the Italian dolce vita. The images that go back to the wonderful films of Italian filmmakers from the 50s and 60s, as soon as you put your head through the heavy hangings that open on an Italian culinary show. Yes, but in Narbonne. La Trattoria, boulevard Gambetta will reveal to you what courtesy, a warm welcome and the restaurant where it is good to meet when things go wrong outside. What could be better for morale than gathering over pasta, authentic pizzas, melting burrata like a glamorous caress of Lollobrigida in black and white, washed down with Chianti. The Mediterranean essence that unites us, consisting of mixtures of multifaceted cultures in a great Greco-Roman bath, stands around these tables.

You could say it pulsates. Despite this dreary and rainy Monday, when the city streets look like a gray board with the shop fronts lowered – as in all cities on a Monday – La Trattoria sets the pace. And he is tall. Like the couple and the managers who welcome us, Odile and Nicola Galati. For Nicola, an Italian of Calabrian origin, from a long line of chefs in his genealogy, the establishment of a brand like La Trattoria is the culmination of a life behind and in front of the stove.

A fantastic room

As the name suggests, and especially in Italy, La Trattoria represents a place of life, a warm meeting where you can eat at the counter while watching the chefs work, chatting with them or Nicola and Odile are always present in the fantastic dining room. to 65 covers, including 80 outdoors. It clinks, it touches the mail at the chef’s and at the pizza maker’s. You fight with pasta al dente, seasoned with several flavors, with ingredients that come directly from the Prallit house in Sète, which itself goes directly to the market in all the Italian provinces.

The two chefs in the middle of preparing Calabrian style pasta
Thierry Grillet – Thierry Grillet

Like a good Calabrian, Nicola swallows the coffees in a row, tied up and without sugar. He went from fourteen days a day to six. He is a true enthusiast and a power generator and explains to us that the secret of a good pizza dough is the fineness of the Neapolitan flour and the resting time of the dough. Rest? Abstract concept when you see him at work giving advice to his waiters, patting regular customers on the back, throwing information at his chefs and sipping another kawa.

Spaghetti western atmosphere

Between the 60 kg of pizza dough per week and the 300 kg of pasta per month, basic ingredients in all good Italian cuisine, there are still some giddy people who dare to order French fries. It is still not known where their bodies are hidden. There are things you shouldn’t laugh at with the Italians. As in a long tracking shot in a Martin Scorsese film, we pass behind the stoves, admiring the soaring skill of the pasta, to return to the dining room and observe the customers seated and fed under the gaze of the large posters of immortal heroes from good to evil and the ugly. Nicola is a fan of movies, but not just any. Western spaghetti, Italian directors from the great era, the one who was also a former DJ in his tumultuous life.

Tagliatelle with foie gras and beef steak

Tagliatelle with foie gras and beef steak
Thierry Grillet – Thierry Grillet

Restaurant owner for 33 years, first at Estabar and Chez Pino in Gruissan with his wife, they opened in Narbonne in 2010, “Sucré-salé” on the same boulevard Gambetta. He in the kitchen, she in the dining room, before breaking ground in 2013 on the ground floor of this former Grand Languedoc hotel. Everything had to be redone, six months of work, to create a dream come alive, in this bright space that brings traditional Italian recipes, relaxed atmosphere and mother’s kitchen. In 2019, a crowning achievement of the country of origin, the Trattoria was awarded the Registro Eccelenze Italiane (top medallion), awarded for 100% Italian cuisine with products from the region that will make you travel with a zero carbon footprint. Sauerkraut loves, abstains.

Tagliatelle and foie gras with porcini mushrooms with beef steak.
As the holidays approach, Nicola Galati has put together a diet for you. A traditional recipe from Tuscany and Northern Italy, one of the Trattoria’s bestsellers with another equally delicious style, their truffle ravioli. To be consumed under the Christmas tree in moderation:

For 4 people:

600 g fresh tagliatelle.
1 beef or veal steak per person.
200 g block of foie gras.
33% fresh cream, fresh or dehydrated porcini mushrooms.
In a frying pan, where you have previously tossed a few pine nuts in walnut oil, pan fry the 4 sides and quickly the beef steak. To reserve. After boiling the tagliatelle al dente in salted water, brown the butter and garlic in a pan and sauté the porcini mushrooms. Do not throw out any of the pasta cooking water. Deglaze with red wine. Bind with a veal stock and fresh cream. Crumble the foie gras on top, leaving a small medallion to cover the top of the preparation on the plate (photo). Then throw the pasta into the pot and add a spoonful of the pasta’s cooking juices. The starch contained in it will make the binder for the sauce. Arrange on the plate with the beef steak and a few plates of lamb salad. Bon appetit for New Year’s Eve!

The trattoria’s little extras
Every Friday evening from September to May, access to an aperitif buffet for 10 euros and a drink, with a DJ for the move.
Since the confinement trauma, Odile and Nicola have developed the privatization of their restaurant for weddings, christenings, birthdays, work committees… They take care of everything, personal decoration, DJ, service in the dining room and in the kitchens.
For the meal on December 31, instead of being depressed in front of your smoked salmon, the 55 euro menu with DJ with covered and heated terrace, but on reservation required at: 06 12 57 90 72. The trattoria opens every day except Sunday and Thursday , Friday and Saturday evenings.

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