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Juma Création opened last year in the Libé district and is a “hybrid dark kitchen”. Definitely a brand designed for meal delivery, but with a small restaurant area.

His pictures distilled on social networks have attracted us. Pinsa Romana, pasta, poutine… All the dishes are tempting. So we went to discover this restaurant, a few steps from the Gare du Sud.

From the beginning, we tell you: in winter, you have a one in two chance of not finding a place if you go down to lunch with colleagues without having made a reservation. The room has only half a dozen chairs. In the summer, however, a terrace with around twenty seats is open.


Because the concept of trade is there. Most of the space is occupied by an open kitchen, intended for delivery via Delicity type applications.

But it’s also not a total “dark kitchen” only available to delivery people – a concept strongly criticized by the town hall, which sees it as a threat to local businesses – as customers are also welcome.

Is this new model really that effective? Nice-Presse has tested it for you.

Juma Creation Nice
[© Nice-​Presse]

We start with the Gnocchi with homemade pistachio pesto, with parmesan and olive oil (15 euros).

The presentation is nice and the dish successful!

Juma Creation Nice
[© Nice-​Presse]

Make room for pasta! “Hot Pasta” (14 euros) is quite beautiful, with beautiful colors.

The set is solid: chorizo, tomatoes, onions, garlic, cream and cherry tomatoes.

Finally, the homemade sauce doesn’t taste much, it’s all more stuffy than anything and the chorizo ​​pieces, which are hard, are unpleasant. It is aesthetic, but the taste is arbitrary.

[© Nice-​Presse]

The desserts, naturally packaged for delivery, are presented in an ugly plastic pot. Which does not do justice to a quite successful tiramisu and chocolate mousse, presented as is “homemade”.

The statement from Nice-Presse

The offer is uneven and you don’t jump over the top, but the value for money is reasonable, as the two main courses and desserts come with fixed menus at 16 euros each. person. For a meal on the go, Juma Création will do the trick.

On the restaurant side, it is not yet convincing. The room, presented as a canteen without decoration, does not give off a feeling, at least out of season. In the summer, the terrace will do the job.


60 Rue Dabray, Nice

06 16 58 50 60

More info on the brand’s website


Monday11.00 – 15.0018:00 – 22:00
Tuesday11.00 – 22.00
Wednesday11.00 – 15.0016:30 – 22:00
Thursday11.00 – 22.00
Friday11.00 – 21.00
Saturday11.00 – 22.00

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