“We went clubbing, he was terrible!” : Guillaume Genton reveals his friendship with a TPMP columnist (EXCLUDED)

He quickly established himself as one of the adventure’s leading chroniclers Do not touch My TV. Cyril Hanouna’s favourite, Baba said, Guillaume Genton has made his mark despite his young age. His looks, always at the forefront of fashion, generate a lot of talk and his well-defined opinion made him divisive. So much so that the producer now has his own show on Virgin, every morning. Very discreet about his private life, he is even more so on social networks, where he shares almost nothing.

But who is he really? Purepeople went to meet Guillaume Genton to find out more. If he doesn’t like to talk about his conquests, especially when they’re famous, he still revealed two more clues to us about an ex-girlfriend. “A girl who was animator A few years ago, as you know“, he had especially confided to Cyril Hanouna about her. The one who took his first steps on the radio in Rennes when he was barely 13 years old was also in a relationship with a former candidate from Secret historyCindy Lopez.

We went clubbing together. He was terrible

If his sexuality is the subject of so many rumors, Guillaume Genton does not care, but simply regrets the homophobic attacks that abound on social networks. What about his friendships? Purepeople asked him which of the columnists he gets along with best. And the answer is clear:Raymond“!”Raymond, he really is my friendexplains the host of Morning without filter. In terms of appearance, we are completely different. We did a lot of restaurants together, we even went to a club together when I never go to a club.”People hallucinate to see us together because we have nothing to do on paper, but we really like it, we went on vacation together this summer“, adds Guillaume Genton.

How was that night? The columnist of Do not touch My TV give us more details. The duo was in the evening at Pacha in Louveciennes, we learn. “It was beautiful, it was terriblelaughs Guillaume Genton. Since then I call him the loathsome man of Louveciennes. He is terrible!“An evening that must therefore have been memorable for Guillaume and Raymond. Evenings, on the other hand, he does not seem to spend with Danielle Moreau, the columnist with whom he gets on the least.”For once, we really have nothing to dohe admits. She is very sweet, but it is true that we have less affinity.”

Interview by Ari Guardiola. Any reproduction prohibited without mention of Purepeople.com.

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