Weather forecast for the coming week: strong cold in the north, snow down to the plains

While the cold will endure all week in a small northern third of the country, with no thaw expected in Lorraine, mildness returns from the southwest. This showdown between mild air and cold air will cause snowfall in certain regions.

Breakdown to the south Monday

On Monday, the weather will be calm but cold over 3/4 of the country. In the southwest, a disturbance coming from Spain will bring rain south of the Garonne, moving towards the Mediterranean regions in the evening with the risk of relatively low-level snow in the southern part of the Central Massif.

Snow drifts north on Tuesday

Tuesday, the disturbance that arrived the day before from the south will reach the central regions. In contact with the cold air, snowfall is possible from the southern part of Brittany to the Pays de la Loire in the northern part of Auvergne to the Jura. In the north it will continue to be cold with hard frost in the morning.

Wednesday, a difficult day

In the southern part of the country it will continue to rain, with a rain/snow line around 1800 to 2000 metres. This is therefore not good news for the Pyrenees, the Massif Central and the Alps, where significant washout is expected. From Brittany to Grand-Est, regions located in the cold air, it will snow to the plains. These snow showers will also reach southern Normandy and the Paris Basin. North of the Seine and Paris goes up towards the Hauts-de-France, the weather will remain dry, but the cold will still be significant.

Thursday, more rain in the south, dry cold in the north and snow in the middle

The situation should not change much from Wednesday, with snow in central areas, rain in the south and still dry but cold weather in the north.

On Friday, the cold will advance again in the south

The disturbance, which has been rolling in since Tuesday, is expected to be dispelled by cold, dry air from Germany and Belgium. As a result, this disturbance will be thrown south, from the Pyrenees to the Alps to the Mediterranean, where it will bring rain and snow above 1000 meters in the mountains. In the north, the dry cold will continue. Another day without a thaw is likely from the Ardennes to Alsace.

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