What are the “spooky pastas” behind the murder of a father by his 13-year-old daughter in Hérault?

On Sunday March 13, a 13-year-old girl fatally stabbed her father and seriously injured her mother and sister in the family home in Fabrègues. The young girl and her boyfriend – present at the time – were immersed in the dark world of “Creepy pasta”, horror stories that are posted on the Internet. A phenomenon that often goes under the radar. Explanations.

In Hérault, time is stunned after the charge of two 13-year-old girls for “murder, attempted murder and complicity”, this Tuesday, March 15. In the family home in Fabrègues, one of the young girls fatally stabbed her father and wounded her mother and one of her sisters very seriously on Sunday, sparing her youngest six-year-old sister in extremis.

The “Creepy Pasta”, a horror phenomenon born on the Internet

A murderous frenzy that seems motivated by a strange phenomenon, “Creepy pasta,” which we revealed on Monday. The term refers to horror stories that spread on the Internet through texts, images, videos or even sounds. They depict characters whose characteristics, biographies or even terrifying feats of arms are listed, especially on a specialized website that claims “scary stories and original horror fiction”.

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Teenage girls are reminded of Jeff the Killer and Slender Man characters

In Hérault, the two teenage girls at the beginning of the Fabrègues crime had been immersed in this dark universe for several years. One of them had chosen as an avatar a picture of Jeff the Killer, a 13-year-old character who became a serial killer after being disfigured with bleach by his stalkers. Together with the investigators, they also evoked the legend of Slender Man, a humanoid form invented in 2009, which is the origin of a bloody and very similar fact that was different in the United States in 2014.

Real phenomena on the Internet among young people, these “creepy pastas” remain unknown to the general public, however. But on this Sunday, March 13, in Hérault, fiction and reality collided. “I have already had as an expert two different facts in our region related to addiction to creepy pasta. This remains very unusual, I have not heard about it for three or four years”, indicates the psychiatrist Claude Aiguevives.

The doctor from Biterrois, an expert at the Montpellier Court of Appeal, told us yesterday in an interview the likely change of reality at the origin of the stabbings. “They are fascinated by an imaginary character who is first an avatar, then becomes the double of himself, then acts in place of the lesser one, with no more possibility of self-criticism”.

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