What is the lowest calorie pizza?

Pizza is one of the favorite dishes of the French. Yes, but here’s the thing: in terms of nutritional intake, it’s not the healthiest. Fortunately, eat pizza from time to time by making the right choices, it is possible. Provided choose the lowest calorie pizza. But which pizza is the least fattening? We lift the veil.

What are the lowest calorie pizzas?

The French are big pizza lovers. We eat a lot of it, much more than our Italian friends who invented this dish! But pizza dough isn’t the best nutritional thing. So to limit the breakdown on the caloric side and avoid swallowing calorie bombs when relaxing in front of Netflix, here ranking of pizzas with the lowest calorie content.
A ranking established according to the average energy data published by Ciqual, the ANSES nutrition table, National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety.
The pizza prize with the lowest calorie content goes to vegetable pizza/vegetarian pizza. It’s a good choice because, despite the dough, the vegetables on the vegetable pizza are very interesting and “lighter” than other ingredients found on other pizza varieties. Then, still among the less greasy, we find the chicken pizza, the seafood pizza and the queen pizza (made with ham, cheese and mushrooms).

What are the highest calorie pizzas?

By taking the table in the opposite direction, we also find the pizzas that are richest in fat. Those that should be consumed in reasonable amounts to avoid clogging up your body too much. Among them are (and without much surprise), the raclette or tartiflette pizza, the 4-cheese pizza, the chorizo ​​pizza, the bacon goat cheese pizza and the raw ham pizza.
Fortunately, you can of course continue to eat pizzas if that’s your favorite! The secret is just not to overdo it.

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