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Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 18: Jeremy Renner speaks on stage during the 35th Annual American Cinematheque Awards honoring Scarlett Johansson at The Beverly Hilton on November 18, 2021 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Jeremy Renner critically injured: What we know about the crash (Photo by Jeremy Renner in October 2021 in Beverly Hills, California)

MISCELLANEOUS – We know a little more about the accident that injured so ” critical actor Jeremy Renner. The American star, soon to be 52, best known for his role as Hawkeye in the Marvel universe, was seriously injured while clearing snow at his property located in the American West, according to authorities.

“We can confirm that Jeremy is in a critical but stable condition following a weather-related accident while clearing snow”said one of his agents, quoted by the media on Sunday The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline. “His family is with him and he is very well cared for”, he added. But what actually happened?

Injuries” extends »

According to the specialized website TMZ, citing witnesses, the actor drove a snowplow to clear the access road to his house in the mountains between California and Nevada. Previous publications on his social network showed that he handled this impressive device comparable to those used by ski resorts to prepare the slopes. The New Year’s storm, which did not allow his family to travel, he had taken the initiative to clear the path a few hundred meters.

Unfortunately, one of his legs got caught in the machine during the operation. He lost a lot of blood, and a neighboring doctor put a mask on him before help arrived, again according to TMZ. The latter, citing a source close to the actor, explains that his injuries are “extended” for besides his legs, other parts of his body were wounded.

Faced with traffic problems related to bad weather, a helicopter was sent to the scene to evacuate him and take him to the hospital where he is currently being treated. The actor was saved for “traumatic injury” the local sheriff’s department said in a statement, saying he was the only one involved in the crash.

One of Marvel’s muses

Jeremy Renner started as an actor in independent cinema before taking off in Hollywood in several blockbusters. He became known to the general public in 2010 by playing an American soldier in Mine sweepers, a challenging role for which he had been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor. He was also nominated for an Oscar for The cityby Ben Affleck.

But by playing Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye (Hawkeye in English) in Marvel Studios’ Avengers blockbuster, one of the biggest global successes in cinema history, Jeremy Renner had taken his fame to a new level.

He also stars in a Disney+ series centered around his character Hawkeye, released in November.

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