Which Apple product are you most looking forward to in 2023? (VR headset, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro…?)

If the year 2022 was quite rich in news (Mac Studio, MacBook Air/Pro M2, new iPad/iPhone/Apple Watch…), Apple also missed the usual renewal of the MacBook Pro. The transition to AppleSilicon-based Macs was also supposed to be completed this year, but a possible Mac Pro M1 has also seen no signs of life.

2023, the year of the professionals?

This year, Apple could therefore give professionals an honour. However, we expect very little from the MacBook Pro M2, except for a small speed bump by 20% as with the switch to the MacBook Air M2, and maybe a little better on the graphics part – what about the return of external GPUs so practical for large calculations?

The surprise could instead come from the Mac Pro, although Apple may have considered an M2 Ultra chip rather than an M1 Extreme, which is too expensive to produce. The whole question now is to know if the RAM, GPU and SSDs can finally be changed, giving a little modularity to these machines destined to be used for many years. The whole question is how Apple will position an eventual Mac Studio M2 Ultra against this machine.

Finally, Apple could unveil a new series of screens, with perhaps a more affordable mini-LED screen than the famous XDR. Currently, the Studio Display (the only display apart from the XDR) is a little disappointing in terms of price, features and performance.

A VR headset, AirPods Max 2, iMac M2…

Apple remains a consumer brand, of course it will not fail to renew its more accessible range with probably the iMac M2, not to mention the usual iPad, Apple Watch and iPhone. A new iPad mini is especially expected this year, along with a possible iPad 11 or even an iPad Air M2.

Which Apple product are you most looking forward to in 2023?  (VR headset, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro...?)

Another persistent rumor, that with the arrival of an AR/VR helmet whose uses are still hard to imagine : Apple has a fairly limited professional VR ecosystem – although there are a number of apps and games using ARKit in the App Store.

Finally, the audio part could accommodate AirPods Max 2new HomePods (less mini?), a new generation of classic AirPods… and maybe a mix between a voice assistant and an AppleTV.

Of course, we would also like to see more disruptive products., such as an electric car, a 100% Apple TV or a Starlink-style satellite connection system. Apple has every opportunity to invade new markets.

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