Which pizza brands are affected by the product recall?

If you’ve been shopping recently and sneaking in a pizza for parties with friends or lazy nights, check the label on your pizza carefully. Some are subject to a product recall.

That WC 2022 officially started on Sunday 20 November. This year it takes place in Qatar and travels many social, ecological and ethical issues. As a protest (and source of savings), many cities have chosen not to install a fan zone. On the private side, opinions are mixed. A significant portion of the population has decided not to support the sporting event and is calling for a boycott. They will not see the broadcast matches. For others, a personal position would be useless; the constructions were already finished and the tourists had already arrived at the site. If you are one of those who want to watch football matches during the 2022 World Cup, we imagine quite easily that you will not have fun making a risotto to eat in front of the television. On game nights, the meal will be more pizza and soda. Be careful before you land in front of the game, slice of pizza in hand. Several brands of pizzas are subject to a recall ; consuming them can make you sick. Here’s everything we know.

1- What is the risk of eating these pizzas?

Rest assured, these pizzas are not contaminated by bacteria. Usually you are warned about strokes caused by salmonella or listeria. But here it is a completely different matter that puts these pizzas in the spotlight. Everyone is remembered for an error marking the expiration date. At first glance it doesn’t seem serious… but in reality you can just as easily get sick by consuming an expired product without realizing it. Take effect, pizzas expire on November 30th. The problem is that it says “December 30” in the expiration date, i.e. a difference of one month between the specified date and the actual date. By consuming the product after its effective expiration date, you can get sick.

2- Which brand of pizzas are affected?

Since there are several pizzas involved, it’s best to make a list. The pizzas are about:
3 cheeses from the Jardin Bio ethical brand
Goat and spot from Jardin Bio ethical brand
Grilled vegetables and Parmesan cheese from the natural brand Carte

Pizzas of the brand Carte Nature are marketed throughout France in La Vie Sante, Biocoop, Biodis, Accord bio and other local stores. Jardin bio ethical brand pizzas are sold at Intermarché, Cora, Auchan and E.Leclerc and Carrefour.

3- What if I bought these pizzas?

If you bought these pizzas, they are official recommendations do not consume the product and return it to the point of sale for a refund. In practice, if you consume the pizzas before the effective expiry date of November 30 (and not December 30, as may be indicated on some packaging), you are at no risk. For further information, you can call 0642712523.

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