White knight of privacy, Apple would collect more data than you think

Apple is being sued. The company is accused of collecting a lot of user data, even when they have specifically denied.

Not only does the Apple giant collect data without the consent of users on smartphones, but the amount of personal information recovered would also be huge. A revelation that comes from two expert developers in the field of cyber security. They posted a video on their Twitter account showing the brand’s actions.

Do as I say, not as I do

Over the years, Apple has always presented itself as a defender of its users’ data. The giant even implemented a new policy last year to limit the collection of data on App Store applications. A policy that would have lost billions of dollars in ad revenue to Snap, Google or even Meta. But in reality, Apple prefers to collect its own data for advertising purposes.

The two members of the software company Mysk found some interesting information earlier this month. Using a version jailbroken an iPhone under iOS 14.6, the two men were able to show that Apple collected a gigantic amount of data on its App Store. Every time a user taps the screen, reads a page, or goes back, their data is collected in near real-time… even if the data sharing option has been disabled.

A lawsuit against Apple

It is precisely because of this last point, which is against the rules of the state of California, that a class action lawsuit has been filed to sue Apple. According to the complaint, “Privacy is one of the main issues that Apple uses to position its products at the margin of its competitors. But Apple’s guarantee of privacy is completely illusory. »

If some might think that it was just a problem or a bug that is only present on iOS 14.6, the two cybersecurity experts explain that Apple still recovers data under iOS 16. As explained, this does not. here at Apple, despite its apparent fight for privacy, but to do so without users’ knowledge.

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