Who is hiding behind the “masked eater” who makes restaurants in Toulouse tremble?

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On his Instagram account, this Toulousain shares his restaurant tips. The masked eater agreed to reveal himself without lifting the maskā€¦

The call is like the eater: masked. This Toulousain, who “unmasks” the restaurants, strives to maintain his anonymity. On his Instagram account, which has more than 10,000 subscribers, he shares his good addresses… and also the ones he didn’t like. Interview with a gourmet who does not have his tongue in his pocket.

What do you mean by “revealing” the restaurants?

It’s a little play on words with my pseudonym. I like to reveal what’s behind a card, whether the surprise is good or bad. Or venture where Toulouse people don’t necessarily dare to go, for whatever reason. For many people, going to a restaurant represents a significant budget. Unmasking great deals helps my subscribers decide.

When did you start feeding your Instagram account? Why ?

It has been two or three years since I embarked on this hidden adventure. But for a year now I’ve been doing it more seriously. I don’t force myself to post content. I am curious and greedy by nature and so are my friends. I go to a restaurant according to my wishes. There are weeks when I don’t go, others when I go two or three times. By creating my account, I wanted to highlight the culinary diversity that Toulouse has. On social networks, we always come across the same restaurants. But on the street we are surprised by the large number of establishments. Some deserve to be better known to residents of Toulouse.

Why are you so attached to your anonymity?

This allows me to be a lambda customer. When I go to a restaurant, I am served like any Toulouse man. I have the same experience as everyone else, which allows me to be objective about my opinions and also be free of the content I publish.

What does your mask hide?

Without saying too much of course, I am a man in my thirties who is curious and who loves Toulouse deeply, without being from there. The art of living in this city amazed my eyes … and my taste buds.

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