Who is Indira Ampiot, the 18-year-old Guadeloupean chosen as Miss France 2023?

She was one of the favorites. Indira Ampiot was chosen as Miss France 2023, Saturday 17 December 2022 on the stage of the Mach 35 module room in Châteauroux. From her 1.77 m height, the young woman from Basse-Terre in Guadeloupe thus achieves hers “little girl’s dream”.

Born on September 19, 2004, she was one of the youngest candidates for the promotion in 2023. The beauty queen was not yet of legal age when she was named Miss Guadeloupe on July 27, 2022 in Gosier.

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Fourth Guadeloupean Miss France

The young 18-year-old woman will now have to leave her native island to fulfill her new duties, which will lead her to travel across France.

She is the fourth Guadeloupean to become Miss France, following Véronique De La Cruz (1993), Corinne Coman (2003) and Clémence Bottino (2020). “I want to prove that there is no age limit to realizing your dreams and that anything is possible”said Indira Ampiot during her presentation speech.

Just graduated from matriculation

Indira Ampiot graduated with honors in June 2022.

Guadeloupean is passionate about design and wants to join a school specializing in communication to specialize in visual identity and advertising. But his return to higher education will have to wait, the competition has reserved a different fate for him in 2023.

Passionate about drawing and singing

In her free time, the young woman practices drawing, which she considers to be her means of expression. “When I’m with my father in Saint-François, I sit on a sun lounger facing the bay and draw the landscape” she points out.

In her portrait broadcast during the Miss France evening, Indira Ampiot also says that she has a secret passion for singing. But if she loves to push the song, the Basse-terreienne admits that she is not an expert and would not risk herself in front of an audience. “It’s sunshine, we won’t bring back the rain” she jokes.

Miss’s Daughter

Beauty pageants are a family affair for Indira Ampiot. Before donning her regional scarf, her mother had tried her luck in the late 1990s.

“She was chosen second and she participated in other pageants as Miss Caribbean, but she was never able to compete in Miss France. She had kept the VHS tapes of the pageant, of course her scarf and watched the photo albums. When I was little and growing up in the middle of all this, I wanted to join in. It was a little girl’s dream, I was blinded and a fan of my mother. It’s an atomic bomb, you have to write it down!” the new Miss France told the newspaper The Parisian.

Compared to Rihanna

Before her election, the young woman’s physique was widely compared to that of a famous singer. Many observers have pointed out the similarity between Miss France 2023 … and Rihanna.

His features have earned him the nickname “Rihanna of Basse-Terre”. A comparison that does not displease the young Guadeloupe. “This is great! I wonder if I can haggle a little?”she joked in an interview with Parisian.

Engaged in the fight against women’s cancers

From her election as Miss Guadeloupe, Indira Ampiot wanted to mark her reign with a commitment to the fight against cancer, especially towards women.

Becoming the godmother of the Amazones Guadeloupe association in October 2022, she wanted to use her fame to support women with cancer to preserve their femininity despite the difficulties.

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