why do your partners have the same profile?

In love, we tend to say that opposites attract or like attracts like. Indeed, our partners do not appear to be the result of mere chance. Specialists explain why all your exes look alike and how to break out of this repetitive pattern.

Couples: psychologists explain why your partners have the same psychological profile

that psychiatrist Jean Cottraux is clear, it is not easy to get out of one’s habits, even on it choice of half. Everyone is affected by their life course, their history. In fact, lived experiences will condition the choices we make. These last are ” linked to our education, our socio-cultural environment, our past experiences, these thoughts that have become automatic are irrevocable markers “. He explains that the unconscious is against leaving this comfort zone that we have always known: ” our cognitive patterns are inscribed in the psyche and instinctively push us towards what is identified as something we can adapt to, that we know how to live with, even survive “. We generally refer to well-known models: the couple of our parents. Actually according to psychoanalyst Sophie Cadalenwe are all shaped by the couple formed by our parents “. But how to avoid reproducing? How to get out of this pattern? For Sophie Cadalen, you have to ask yourself ” what you achieve by repeating the same scenario. It is not a matter of becoming the culprit, but actually the actor in your relationship or the ones to come. ” To Monique Fradot, psychotherapistshould not be considered these attractions like a curse, even a disease, we all have a type of man or woman. “.

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