WWE SmackDown results for December 30, 2022

WWE SmackDown Tampa, Florida

The commentators are Michael Cole and Wade Barrett.

– Tonight is WWE SmackDown, the blue show starts with the commentators welcoming us and recalling tonight’s Main Event: John Cena and Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn. The lights go out and then Bray Wyatt enters. He introduces himself and claims that last week he did something he regrets. He would like to apologize for attacking this cameraman. The music of LA Knight interrupts him, the wrestler arrives on stage with a microphone and makes fun of Bray Wyatt.

Once in the ring, LA Knight says the Royal Rumble is fast approaching and it will be his first Rumble so he wants to make it a special show. He will do so by taking on Bray Wyatt. The latter replies that maybe it’s time to remind everyone how cruel he can be when he wants to. He accepts! We see Uncle Howdy on the giant screen, then he arrives in the ring. Uncle Howdy faces Bray Wyatt… so by his side… before giving him a Sister Abigail!

– Backstage, Sami Zayn goes to the door of Bloodline. Paul Heyman comes out and Sami Zayn says he wants to talk strategy with Roman Reigns. Heyman tells him that the words Zayn spoke last week were said with the passion that Roman Reigns has always seen in him. The tribal chief is very proud of him. Paul Heyman then invites Sami Zayn to see Roman Reigns.

Singles match

Sheamus (accompanied by Butch & Ridge Holland) vs Solo Sikoa (accompanied by the Usos)

At the end of the match, Solo Sikoa did a Samoan Spike on Sheamus followed by the pin-fall for the win.

Winner: Solo Sikoa

– After the match, the Usos and Solo Sikoa continue their attack on Sheamus… but Drew McIntyre’s music hits and he enters the ring! He manages to remove the Usos and Solo Sikoa from the ring and then remains in the ring with the Brawling Brutes.

SmackDown Women’s Championship – Singles Match

Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Raquel Rodriguez

At the end of the match, Ronda Rousey carries her armbar from the corner, but Raquel Rodriguez falls with Rousey on top of her…then gives up!

Winner: Ronda Rousey – Still Champion

– After the game, Charlotte Flair’s (new) music hits and she faces Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler ! Charlotte Flair announces that she is here to challenge the champion… NOW! Ronda Rousey agrees.

SmackDown Women’s Championship – Singles Match

Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Charlotte Flair

The bell rings then Charlotte Flair does a big boot on Ronda Rousey followed by the pinfall… but the champ gets up. Flair takes Shayna Baszler off the apron and then wants to follow up with a spear on Ronda Rousey but he is countered by Rousey who wants to do her Arm Bar but Charlotte Flair takes the opportunity to roll her up and win!

Winner: Charlotte Flair – New Champion

– After the match, Charlotte Flair will celebrate in the crowd and then on stage with the pyros exploding!

– Backstage, Bloodline is gathered to talk about tonight’s match. Sami Zayn asks if Roman Reigns has a problem with the fans getting behind him, the Tribe Leader says he doesn’t have a problem with it, noting that Zayn spoke with great conviction on the last episode of SmackDown.

– Footage of Dominik Mysterio’s arrest last weekend is shown.

– Backstage, several wrestlers are gathered, including Top Dolla and Ricochet, who end up having an argument, but are held back by the other wrestlers.

– WWE confirms that we will have a Bitch Black Match between Bray Wyatt and LA Knight at the Royal Rumble.

– The Empire comes in and then shows us a video about Gunther’s years. The Intercontinental Champion was about to speak, but Braun Strowman’s music interrupted him! The wrestler comes to the ring and says we didn’t see him in the video because Gunther didn’t beat him. The Empire is going after Braun Strowman! Ricochet eventually comes up with a chair and scares Imperium away.

– In two weeks on SmackDown: Gunther will defend the Intercontinental title against Braun Strowman. Next Week: Drew McIntyre teams with Sheamus to take on The Usos for the Tag Team Titles / Ricochet vs Top Dolla – Royal Rumble Qualifying Match.

Take Team Match

John Cena and Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn (accompanied by Solo Sikoa, the Usos & Paul Heyman)

At the end of the match, Kevin Owens tagged John Cena, who entered the ring for the first time in the match. He knocks Sami Zayn down and then goes for his Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Roman Reigns enters the ring and tries a Superman Punch on Cena, who counters him and knocks him down next to Sami Zayn. John Cena makes the tag and then Kevin Owens and does him a double Five Knuckle Shuffle on their opponents. Roman Reigns gets up and John Cena gives him his AA to send him out of the ring. Kevin Owens applies his Stunner on Sami Zayn followed by the pinfall for the win.

Winners: John Cena and Kevin Owens

– The show ends with a celebration by John Cena and Kevin Owens.

Image Credit: WWE


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