Your iPhone data may not be as anonymous as Apple claims

Apple doesn’t go out of its way when it comes to touting the security benefits of its devices. The company has even launched an entire campaign aimed at demonstrating the superiority of its system over competitors in this area. However, the “anonymous” usage data collected by Apple for certain internal applications will contain something to identify their users. In any case, this is what the conclusions of the developers of the Mysk team would demonstrate.

An identifier associated with its user

We understand that some applications contain a Directory Services Identifier (DSID) that allows the brand to link your Apple and iCloud IDs (which include your name, email address, etc. ) and at the same time associate your activity and your browsing habits.

This situation would still be relevant on iOS 16 and casts some vagueness on the real situation regarding the anonymization of the data transmitted to Apple. The company also sends this identifier to other applications, further complicating the situation.

The collection continues even when you no longer want it

Moreover, according to the same developers, Apple had already allowed itself iOS 14.6 to collect large amounts of app activity logs through the App Store, even after users have completely disabled the ability to collect this information.

Among the information obtained by Apple, we find the model of the smartphone, the language used by the keyboard, the storage capacity and details that can identify the user. A class action lawsuit has been filed by users in California concerned about their privacy as a result of these findings.

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