“You’re going to cut”: Laeticia Hallyday tells in tears in front of Léa Salamé why she wanted Johnny

This Saturday, December 10, Laeticia Hallyday was present on the set of Quelle Epoque! together with Léa Salamé and Christophe Dechavanne. The opportunity for the host of France 2 to return to the last moments of Johnny Hallyday, which his wife still remembers well and has some bitterness.

On December 5, 2017, the innkeeper of French rock’n’roll was no longer of this world. A news which had upset all France, and which still saddens it, five years later. Guest on the show What an era! this Saturday, December 10, her great love, Laeticia Hallyday returned with emotions in his last moments.

It is always with clear eyes, but also with a smile, that Laeticia Hallyday confides in her husband, in interviews and on television sets. This Saturday it was Léa Salamé who asked him about the rocker’s last minutes, which did not fail to move him. Laeticia Hallyday spoke about her grief, but also some grudge she had against Johnnywhich she managed to forgive, however.

Laeticia Hallyday “I was angry with him”

Before Léa Salamé gave the floor to the evening guest, Léa Salamé has slightly recontextualized the last minutes of Johnny Hallyday’s life: ” There are 5 minutes when you go out to accompany Hélène Darroze… ”she explains before Laeticia Hallyday takes over: ”And that’s where he went. I think that’he was waiting for me to leavethat I leave this room to leave, to protect myself. Able toI had a hard time living this because I stayed with him every second, every minute, I didn’t leave him and he leaves when I’m not in the room. I resented him, she revealed. Léa Salamé, being a good journalist, then dug further to find out a little more about the intimacy between the two lovers before the singer’s death: “Do you remember the last moments, the last words? What did he say to you? You can’t say it, or you can say it? I won’t force you.”she asked.

What Laeticia Hallyday answered, her voice shaking: We made promises, which I try to keep today for our children, for the girls. It is not easy to live, to raise one’s children without a father. I try to be tall what he expects from me today. He left me with a lot of problems but I forgive him as I have always forgiven him and I try to be worthy of his lifeand about this life that we shared together. I try to live up to itshe confided.

Laeticia Hallyday “Aren’t you supposed to cut during editing?”

Faced with such sentiments, Christophe Dechavanne then intervened: “In any case, it’s the aspect you give”, he said before the audience applauded heartily. Touched, Laeticia Hallyday then apologized for her tears: “Thanks… Sorry, huh… Are you going to cut during the edit? Don’t you want to cut?”before concluding: “We’re talking again about things that are still staggering today and throw me back into it moments that I would never liveshe lamented.

Years after the loss of her husband, and although she has now rebuilt her life, Laeticia Hallyday is somewhere always believeand will surely never stop loving her, her “male”.

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